Day: November 4, 2022

Did You Know: On Hudson and The Cannon Ball

When Hudson Taylor first arrived in Shanghai in late 1854, it was during the Taiping rebellion (1850-64).  He was almost hit by a cannon ball from the missile fired by the Imperial Army.  Hudson Taylor sent the cannon ball that almost hit him to his family as a Christmas present.

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Pray with Half Crown Media – November 2022

We invite you to pray with the Half Crown Media team on the following items;  As film production projects are long and complex, we have many critical decisions to make. Please pray for wisdom and guidance at each juncture. Praise God for new connections to churches and individuals in the

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The Necessary Power of Prayer

The journey to create and produce a film is long, with many complicated decisions and unknowns along the way. While there has been moments of uncertainty over the years, we have always been certain in the power of prayer.    Prayer, in many different forms, has been the backbone of

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