Dallas Event Celebrates Taylor Legacy and Movie in Development

On Sunday, June 25th of 1865, a discouraged young man walked along the beach on the Southern coast of England. Little did he know what lay ahead: that he would feel God assuring him that his Lord would take responsibility for any new missionaries who would volunteer for service in China, facing peril and possible death for themselves or their families.

The China Inland Mission was born that day, taking the good news of God’s love across the oceans eventually to millions and millions throughout China and rippling outward ultimately to East Asia and beyond through OMF International. And little did James Hudson Taylor dream that in the year 2021, a group of people would gather on June 25th in Dallas, Texas to thank God and hear about a movie being developed to share his story with millions of people around the globe in this generation.

Half Crown Media President Ken Haron

The event was born in the heart of Mrs. Catherine Liu, a woman born in China and living in North Texas for several decades. In partnership with OMF International, Ken Haron, president of Half Crown Media, shared the vision and forward progress of the Hudson Taylor movie project in development. Attendees came from various parts of North Texas, including pastors such as Rev. Ka-Tong Lim who shared about the life of Hudson Taylor and lessons the young man learned and shared with others.


Along with Haron, other key leaders of the movie project shared on screen including Rev. Dr. Patrick Fung, General Director of OMF International, movie producer Aaron Burns and Half Crown Media CEO Soo Loh. The gathering closed with multiple prayers of gratefulness in English and in Chinese for the ministry of Hudson Taylor as well as the recent years of preparation of the movie and the completed screenplay. Others prayed for the resources and personnel needed to move the project forward to the production stage. The Hudson Taylor movie, pending resourcing of production and promotion, is currently projected to release in fall of 2023.

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