Did You Know: 247th wedding anniversary of James and Bettie Taylor

This February 1st is the 247th wedding anniversary of James and Bettie Taylor, the great-grandparents of Hudson Taylor.  It was on this day, February 1, 1776, that James Taylor gave his life to Jesus Christ.  This born-again experience ended up making him two hours late for his own wedding!  It was the preaching of a Wesleyan preacher on Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” that moved James Taylor to give his life to Jesus Christ.  Bettie was obviously upset that James was late two hours for their wedding.  However, she was doubly upset when she learned she had married “a Methodist”.  This was due in part to James declaring there would be no dancing and drinking after the wedding ceremony.  Eventually, Bettie was also converted, and thus God’s grace to the Taylor family for 10 generations (to Chloe Taylor’s generation).


Source: Rev. Dr. James Hudson Taylor IV

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