A Thousand Lives


It’s a story about a young 19th century man who has never been outside of England who travels to China to serve as a medical missionary. But when he arrives he meets Chinese people who have reason to distrust him, Western colleagues he’s not sure he should trust and discovers the woman he wants to marry. What happens when he meets Chinese who love their country and want to defend it against foreign influences that have brought evil to their land? Will he marry the woman of his dreams?

China is currently opening 15 new cinemas per day and record-breaking attendance is projected to surpass the United States within a year or two. Most of this movie will be filmed in China. Few young adults around the world have been exposed to great stories and role models like Hudson Taylor and others in China. There is no better time to provide this story to the generation that craves film and media.

The Hudson Taylor Documentary


Life through the eyes of a 21 year-old young man can be enlightening; particularly if he is not content to stay close to home and drift along with the routine patterns of his peers. Hudson Taylor, having never ventured beyond his home island of England, sailed from Liverpool in 1853 on a voyage for six months to reach the country of China. It was the beginning of a dangerous, faith stretching, yet deeply fulfilling journey of a lifetime.

Since those days millions have expressed gratitude for what happened as a result of Hudson Taylor’s lifetime of service in China and his ultimate influence around the world.  Not willing to take personal credit, it was raw life experience that enabled Hudson Taylor to remark, “There are three stages to every great work of God:  First it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”  This documentary reveals what it means to live  life radically, yet intentionally, for what he believed to be the greatest cause.