It’s not about Hudson Taylor.

Some might wonder why we are creating a movie about China Inland Mission’s founder, James Hudson Taylor. Aren’t there more relevant people or topics we should focus on today, over 150 years later?

Read on…

Global missions is changing

Mobilizing the next generation for global missions and sharing their faith is the core of Half Crown Media’s motivation for making this movie.

However, the conversation around missions has been changing. We live in a globalized world where borders are often changing.

At the same time, religion, culture, and identity are complex and loaded topics. Associated with colonialism, views of the Christian missions are also tainted by ethical issues of the past (Barna, 2021).

In Hudson’s day, government oppression and economic forces created a similar environment. Today’s divided world is filled with those who seek to spread hatred and judgment.

The definition of a missionary is no longer so straightforward.

Young lady wearing t-shirt that says, "Go into the world and make disciples"

Unchanging truths

What then, does it mean to be a missionary in 2024?

In these times of redefinition and change, we look back on truths that will never change:

  • God commands us to love Him and love others (Mark 12:30-31).
  • Jesus’s call is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).
  • To be a disciple of Christ is to live according to His will and purpose, letting Him work in and through us (Matthew 16:24-25, Philippians 2:13).

Inspiring through storytelling

While the younger generation has to wrestle with what it means to live out their faith in a culturally sensitive world, they want to live their lives with purpose (Wespire, 2020).

In spite of wanting to make a difference, many members of the Millennial and GenZ generations are immobilized by phone notifications and feeling helpless in the face of so much going wrong.

Our vision is to pass down the wisdom of ages and inspire this purpose-driven generation with a relatable story told in the language of the present…

A story of an ordinary man desiring to honor God with what little he had. A story of crossing cultures in a politically fraught time. A story of seeking love and understanding in a time of division. And most importantly, a story of God using an ordinary person to accomplish extraordinary things.

Hudson radically identified with Chinese people and cultures by living like them – showing profound forgiveness and mercy to others like Jesus did.

It’s about the next generation

This project is not just about Hudson Taylor. It is also about truths that stand the test of culture and time. It is about inspiring a new generation to write their own stories with God.

If you’d like to be involved in bringing this movie to life, your involvement today is very significant! You can pray, give, and be an ambassador. Learn more.