Ordinary Man for Extraordinary Things

Elijah was a human being, even as we are.  James 5:17

God delights in using ordinary people to display His glory. As ordinary people like Elijah and Hudson Taylor yielded themselves fully to God, He will accomplish extraordinary things. All glory to Him.

With the help of two colleagues in OMF, the Half Crown Media board worked hard to sharpen our vision and mission when we met in March. God allowed us to see more clearly what He wants us to focus on and be able to articulate it well so others can join us to reach them.

We recognize that God is working around the world through different groups to nurture missional disciples. We want to see the Hudson Taylor movie contributing to that. We work towards seeing a new generation inspired by the story of God’s work in ordinary people yielded to God, accomplishing extraordinary things to His glory. We will start by telling the inspirational, true story of God’s faithfulness in the lives of Hudson and Maria Taylor on the big screen.

We chose Hudson Taylor not because he is our founder, but because he is an ordinary man just like you and me. Yet this ordinary young man yielded himself fully to God and God achieved extraordinary things through him. The movie will tell how this 21-year-old, a frail and not very intelligent man went to China and experienced love from God, Maria, and their Chinese friends. He stood against pressures and challenges from all sides and brought life-changing impacts to millions, in China at his time and beyond.

Pray with us as we work on different areas to move forward in making and distributing a high-impact movie. We continue to share this vision and invite people to pray with us and partner with us. We need many to help us in communication, coordination, and connecting us to resources. We invite you to join us. Connect with us and get involved. 

Prayer requests:

  • May God be pleased to use our movie to contribute to the global missional discipleship movements
  • Thank God for sharpening our focus on Vision and Mission. May God grant us clear action steps to move towards them.
  • Give thanks for widening connections, potential board members, film professionals, volunteers, and opportunities to share.
  • Pray for manpower in different areas to move forward at a good pace.
  • Continue to trust God’s timely provision for the production funds needed.

Dr. Jennie Fung
Chair, Half Crown Media Board

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