PRAYER DAY and Live Meeting MAY 24/25

We want to bathe the Hudson Taylor movie project with fervent prayers. We have set aside the fourth Wednesday/Thursday of each month for focused supplication. You can do so on your own, with your friends and family, or join one of our two virtual meetings, praying together with us for God’s work on this project.

Virtual Meeting Option 1 is on Wednesday May 24th at 8 AM Pacific Time, 9 AM Mountain Time, 10 AM Central Time and 11 AM Eastern Time in the Americas. In Europe and Africa, that’s 4 PM London Time, 5 PM Zürich Time and 6 PM Cape Town Time.


Virtual Meeting Option 2 is Wednesday May 24th at 5 PM Pacific Time, 6 PM Mountain Time, 7 PM Central Time, and 8 PM Eastern Time in the Americas. This is Thursday May 25th at 8 AM Singapore Time, 9 AM Tokyo Time, 10 PM Sydney Time, and 12 PM Auckland Time.


NOTE: The time for the Second Virtual Meeting has changed.


Here’s the Link to join the meeting at either time:


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID:
859 9904 6761


One Tap Mobile:

+1 647 374 4685 Canada

+1 719 359 4580 US


Find your local number:


Thank you for your prayers and other involvement on behalf of the Hudson Taylor movie project!

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