Half Crown Media refers to an inspirational story of a young British medical assistant, a woman dying of starvation, and divine providence. As a young man, Hudson Taylor volunteered his time in a neighborhood of poverty. One evening he was approached by a man to come to his home and pray for his dying wife. Hudson agreed to follow the man. He himself had only one half crown coin left in his pocket, but it would take care of his needs for a while.

When they arrived at the house, the woman was laying in bed, accompanied by several children and a baby, who was moaning. The family had no money left, and if they had just a third of the value of his half crown coin, a shilling, they could be fed and the woman’s life would be saved.

Hudson thought, “If only I had two shillings and a sixpence instead of this half-crown, how gladly would I give these poor people a shilling!” As Hudson began to pray for the family he was convicted of his hypocrisy and lack of faith that God could provide for him if he gave up his final coin. Somehow he finished the prayer and then made the decision to give them the coin, even though he himself only had food for one more day. The family thanked him and the woman’s life was saved. Hudson returned to his rented residence.

The next day, Taylor finished his plate of porridge for breakfast, and suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was the postman with a package for him. The handwriting was blurred on the outside and as he opened it, there was a pair of gloves and when he took them out, half-a-sovereign fell out. It was 400 percent of his half-crown coin!

There are things that do not happen by accident!