The Vision

Captivating. Engaging. Inspiring.

Half Crown Media draws from more than 30 years of commercial and non-commercial production, domestically and internationally, from award-winning feature-length drama to short documentary, entertainment, advocacy and promotion. Our desire is to align the best talent for project leadership, excellence in screenwriting, creative economy in production, exceptional crew and actors, all for effective market-competitive film execution and delivery. Above all, we love untold stories set in cross-cultural context.

Our Leadership

Soo Loh

Soo Loh, Chief Executive Officer

Soo Loh was born in Malaysia, grew up in Hong Kong, educated in Australia, and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  After graduating with a B. Eng. Degree in Australia, Soo returned to Hong Kong to work as an Engineer.  When she immigrated to Canada in 1994, Soo devoted her first two years in Canada to full-time studies at Regent College in the Master of Christian Studies program.  After graduating from Regent, she went back to engineering in various capacities and companies with increasing responsibilities in management.  She has also earned M. Eng. and Executive MBA degrees, and has obtained P. Eng and CPA professional designations.

Soo brings more than 20 years’ experience in business analysis, project and operations management to increase efficiency and profitability of medium to large-scale companies.  Her passion is in strategy and improvement of operations.  Before joining OMF in 2009, Soo was working as Director of Engineering Operations in one of the business units of a Fortune 16 company.  She has served as Director for Management Operations in an OMF unit for strategic work in a creative access nation for over two years before returning to Canada to care for her ailing parents. 

Hudson Taylor Feature Film

Ken Haron, President

Half Crown Media president Ken Haron has a diverse background of media production over three decades in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.  In 1988, Haron was the producer of a movie incorporating the first original Spanish language screenplay of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.” This “Cancion de Navidad“(1989) feature-length made-for-TV movie earned awards, was broadcast nationwide in the U.S. and was distributed for broadcast internationally in 14 Spanish-speaking countries.

Ken also wrote and directed “Breakthrough: The Story of James O Fraser and the Lisu People” (2008) a docudrama that won a Gold Remi award at the Houston Worldfest.  He enjoys good movies, playing guitar and piano, and chatting with friends about life “with a capital L.”

The Team

Half Crown Media benefits from a diverse board of directors and advisors living in various countries. The combination of international, business, media, non-profit and financial experience, along with vision and relationships help position Half Crown Media with a solid foundation for film production with cross-cultural stories and global distribution.