Why my generation needs a movie like this.

Jess shares her journey into serving Jesus and her interest in Korean dramas.

Join us as we dive into a captivating conversation with Jessica Rutz, from OMF Switzerland.

Half Crown Media: How did you first get interested in stories?

Jessica: I’ve always loved stories. I remember my grandmother telling about her childhood and drawing a picture at the same time. From a sketch in child’s ministry to a movie – it was all about stories.


I’d listen to tapes, watch movies, read comics and books – always interested in the stories. Later, I began to write my own stories – often about what could be.

Portrait of Jessica Rutz

At one point, my favorite movie was the Jesus Film. My siblings were almost annoyed by how often I’d want to watch it. I was jealous of the people who got to talk directly to Jesus and ask him about heaven – that place really made me curious and filled with wonder.

HCM: How did you get interested in life in other parts of the world?


Jessica: As a child, I thought, “I want to speak English, because all my favorite bands do.” So I started English classes. As a teenager, I’d watch movies in English because I was too impatient to wait for them to be released in German, even though I didn’t understand most of the dialogue in the beginning. At the same time I started to think, “I need to see the world and go places.”


After a late teenage rebellion phase, I asked God to help me get better at English. He answered.


I suddenly started to have English-speaking friends. I just thought it was cool. Later I had a feeling, “Somehow this is important and God’s gonna use this.” But I had no idea how. And I kept getting better at English. I kept hearing and reading and watching all kinds of stories.


HCM: And how did you first get interested in Korea?


Jessica: Shortly before Covid hit, I went to Netflix to look for a new show. I was getting bored with most American shows, for some reason. I saw a trailer for a Korean drama. Even though it had subtitles, I was like, “Meh, why not.”


As I watched this drama, I really got into it! Not only did anything and everything happen in just one episode, but it made me think, “Why do they speak that way? What are they eating? What’s the pattern of this language? How are they communicating – both verbally and non-verbally?”


So, I started to read up on Korea and Korean culture. And as time passed, I got really into K-Dramas. They have so much storytelling – I love that genre!

Jess and friends in Seoul, Korean
Jess, second from left, with three friends in Seoul, Korea

HCM: How did you get involved in ministry to Korea and the Asian world?


Jessica: At one point, I had a job where I didn’t have to think a lot so that I could rest for a bit after a very intense time. After a while, I prayed, “Okay, God. I think I’m ready to serve you in a new way. Where do you want me? All I need is that fire and I’ll do it (probably).” I even prayed for an office job relating to Asia. It’s almost ironic because neither Asia nor an office job had been on my mind before, intentionally so.


I saw an ad for a job at OMF and I realized I knew their director during my time at college. Also, I felt that fire. So, I called them to ask about it. In a matter of a few weeks, I got the job. I knew this was it. I’ve been working as the office manager and prayer coordinator for two years now.


HCM: What have you experienced on the job?


Jessica: By being the Prayer Coordinator, I’ve gotten to read so many prayer letters by so many people that I really got interested in what God is doing. Again, God used storytelling to take me further into His will.


God is incredibly creative, fascinating, adventurous, captivating and has so much humor.


HCM: Why are you excited about the Hudson Taylor movie that’s coming?


Jessica: Movies are one of my most favorite things in the world. It’s not just about entertainment. Movies can educate and inspire us. I believe they can touch people and put into words and pictures what we might’ve felt before but couldn’t put into words ourselves, making us go, “Exactly! That’s how it feels.” I think movies can move us deeply, spark conversations, and change our own storylines. I know that happened with me. I’m excited about THIS project because it’s not just about a movie, but actually about a movement. It’s not just about Hudson Taylor’s story, I think, even though it’s already extremely inspiring. It’s about our own stories and how God wants to write them with us.


I hope this movie and the whole project won’t just move the viewers, but also the person behind the camera, the youth pastor who organizes a movie night, the 21-year-olds who seek God’s purpose in their life, the grandparents who heard about it at church – and really anybody!

If you’d like to be involved in being part of bringing the Hudson Taylor movie project to life, consider offering your prayers, spreading the word, or contributing financially. Together, we can share the inspiring story of Hudson Taylor with the world. Yes, I’m interested! Tell me more.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Rutz.

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