Counting the Cost

Some of you have asked us, “What goes into our USD $7 million Hudson Taylor movie production budget?” Just as Jesus invited people to count the cost before following Him (Luke 14), so we have counted the cost by way of a concrete, specific production budget, based on the approved movie screenplay and location-specific production costs.

FILM LEADERSHIP ‘Above the Line’ (29.4%): In film industry terms, this budget category is known as ‘Above the Line’ and it covers expenses specific to the management of movie production such as compensation for the producers, director, casting director and principal actors.

PRODUCTION ‘Below the Line’ (54.1%): The bulk of movie budgets go to day-to-day costs of feature film-making. This includes pre-production expenses such as location scouting and casting. Then, everything needed to shoot the film from camera and lighting rentals, production design and costumes to set construction and props— to name a few. Crew, supporting actors and extras are paid out of this budget category as well. Movie personnel can range from hundreds to thousands of people. The current projection is for eight weeks of pre-production and 35 days of shooting the movie.

POST-PRODUCTION (7.4%): After shooting is completed, there is editing, VFX (visual effects) and the musical score to complete the movie.

OTHER COSTS (9.1%): Lastly, this covers insurance and contingency fees.

The creation of historical movies requires more than present day films as producers must recreate a world which no longer exists. This includes custom sets, computer-generated backgrounds and period costumes. The making of this movie will utilize the skills of numerous people with diverse expertise and equipment big and small. It is no small undertaking.

You can have a part in the development of this unique, life-impacting movie! We want this movie to compel audiences all around the world. We also hope that everyone who works on the Hudson Taylor movie, whether producer or make-up artist, will in the process, encounter the God who loves them and offers abundant life.

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