170 Years Ago – Following Jesus into New Territory

On March 1, 1854, 21-year-old James Hudson Taylor arrived in Shanghai, China. He had just finished almost six tumultuous months at sea, traveling from Liverpool, an English port city. He was the only paying passenger on the Dumfries, a small freighter ship. He and the crew were almost lost to more than one storm at sea.
Hudson Taylor and his ship ti China in a heavy storm
As he left the shores of England, he said goodbye to his mother – both expecting this might be the last time on earth they would see each other. She restrained her emotions until he was gone and then let out deep cries of anguish.

Hudson arrived to experience a war-torn country and faced years of obstacles until he was finally able to share the love of Jesus with people in inland China – previously untouched by the Gospel. His desire to move to China started at home. His parents loved Jesus and instilled that love in their children. They read of China and its need for Christ’s love.

At 17, he read a Gospel brochure and the Holy Spirit broke His heart with an understanding of how his sins were taken away by Jesus’ death on the cross.

Hudson’s life of serving in China resulted in a movement that continues to this day. He began China Inland Mission, now OMF International. Thousands of missionaries have shared the love of Jesus with hundreds of thousands of people across East Asia.

In collaboration with OMF, Half Crown Media is creating a feature-length film on the life of Hudson Taylor, with the goal of inspiring a new generation of 21-year-olds to follow Jesus and share His love with others. You can join in with us in this vital movement!

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