Hudson Taylor Movie Development Unhindered by COVID

Key strategic activities for the Hudson Taylor movie in development continue full speed ahead in spite of the worldwide COVID coronavirus pandemic.  The recent Singapore-based meetings held in early March went off without a hitch and non-Singapore team members returned to their home countries successfully.

Aaron Burns exploring how historical events align with the story structure.

During the meetings, producer consultant Aaron Burns laid out a plan for strategic completion of the development stage based on multiple feature film experiences. He shared a new approach to story preparation that helped to prioritize selection from the many historical events in Hudson and Maria’s for emphasis during this feature length film. These “guideposts” for the writing helped to not only keep the story close to the original events, but also to enable future viewers to identify with Hudson and Maria’s stories while simultaneously enjoying a very satisfying viewing experience.


Once the scope and the direction of the story has been determined, Half Crown will engage a screenwriter for the writing of the feature-length screenplay, another pandemic-friendly work activity. Half Crown Media is a led by a diverse multi-national team which has worked together in various ways including virtual online meetings since 2012.

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