Ordinary People for Extraordinary Work

The mission of Half Crown Media has always been to work towards producing a feature film on the life of Hudson Taylor. God takes ordinary people, just like Hudson Taylor, to make extraordinary things happen. Testimonies of these lives become instruments for His purposes, inspiring and encouraging narratives that lead believers towards missional discipleship. As we come to the end of 2022 and a time of celebrating Christmas, we are reminded of all the ordinary people at the very first Christmas. Whether it was the shepherds, the wise men, or Mary and Joseph, each of these ordinary people became a part of an extraordinary story.  

This year, we have seen the hand of God bring about many extraordinary things:

  • Overwhelming attendance and responses from vision sharing meetings, from which people responded with involvement through prayer, giving, and in lending their expertise in film production
  • Receiving to date, USD $470K in donations and pledges, bringing our total amount raised to over $1 million USD 
  • A prominent local church leader in a Creative Access Nation supporting the project by encouraging those in his local church to take action and give back after they have been blessed by the Taylors. His vocal and spirited support was an act of courage and deep conviction.

For all that we have witnessed and received this year, we want to thank you. Thank you for standing with us. This is a large and complex project that we are embarking to complete and it cannot be done by any one person. 


As we move from the Development phase and prepare to enter the Production phase of filmmaking, we want to invite you to continue journeying with us. With a script ready to go, we are currently fundraising for the remaining $6 million USD. There is a timeliness to this project and we sense an urgency that this testimony of the Taylors needs to be shared. 


This Christmas, would you prayerfully consider in partnering with us and if you’ve done so already, how else you might be able to get involved. Our hope is that by pooling together the ordinariness of many, that God would be able to make something quite extraordinary for His glory. 

Wishing you every blessing this Christmas,


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