Pray with Half Crown Media – June 2023

We invite you to pray with the Half Crown Media team on the following items; 

Something New

Thank God for a donor’s gift of stocks worth USD$100,000 to the project.

Something Needed

Empowerment and wisdom:

  • Director of Development and Partnership Ken Haron’s upcoming trip to Dallas to connect with donors;
  • Board Chair Dr Jennie Fung’s upcoming trips in the next few months to speak about the project.


  • More connecting with OMF mobilizers so they might catch the vision and speak of the Hudson Taylor movie project to their communities. As one mobilizer put it, may the Hudson Taylor Movie “become to missions promotion what the Jesus film is to evangelism worldwide”. (Since 1979, the Jesus film has reached an audience of more than 10.5 billion— data.)

Human Resources:

  • Thank God and thank you Mike Klassen for your help this last year with our Facebook page. Pray that God will bring another to assist with social media management;
  • An additional need for an IT Coordinator.


  • Global Chinese Mission Conference, 24 July online;
  • Arise Asia, a youth mission conference for Asia & Middle East, 25-29 July in Thailand;
  • Vision sharing meeting in planning, August in Hong Kong;
  • Trans-world Chinese Baptist Mission Convention on August 22-24 in Thailand.
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