Pray with Half Crown Media – March 2023

We invite you to pray with the Half Crown Media team on the following items; 

  • We want to bathe the project in fervent prayers as we enter this crucial year. We have set aside the fourth Wednesday of each month for concerted prayers for the project. May God raise up more people to join us in prayer.

  • Praise the Lord that over $1.3 million USD has been provided. Pray that the donation target of $7 million USD would be met by June 30, 2023.

  • Pray for people with specific skills and expertise in Communications, Legal, Taxation, and IT administration. Please pray for God to provide the right people to join the team.

  • Pray for meetings with individuals and groups in Malaysia that meaningful partnership will be formed.


  • Pray for the board meeting in Singapore on March 13-17 that God will grant wisdom and discernment leading up to the movie production and the development of the global network for the missional discipleship movement.
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