Prayer Meeting – March 27/28

We invite you to pray on your own, with friends and family, or join us online at one of our two virtual meeting times below.

Times for March prayer meetings

Virtual Meeting Option 1 is on Wednesday, March 27th at 8 AM Pacific Time, 9 AM Mountain Time, 10 AM Central Time and 11 AM Eastern Time in the Americas. In Europe and Africa, that’s 3 PM London Time, 4 PM Zürich Time and 5 PM Cape Town Time.

Virtual Meeting Option 2 is Wednesday March 27th at 6 PM Pacific Time, 7 PM Mountain Time, 8 PM Central Time, and  9PM Eastern Time in the Americas. That’s Thursday, February 28th at 9 AM Singapore Time, 10 AM Tokyo Time, 12 PM Sydney Time, and 2 PM Auckland Time.

Here’s the Link to join the meeting at either time:

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