The Legacy Hudson Taylor Left Behind

The heart of Half Crown Media is to see a missional discipleship movement take place through the art of storytelling. Our fervent pursuit in bringing Hudson Taylor’s story to life through film is our passionate contribution to this vision and we are grateful that you are on this journey with us. We hope that this film becomes an instrument used by the Holy Spirit to awaken hearts of believers to their missional calling. Yet even in the film creation process, before the film is even here, we have already been blessed with learnings and insights from Hudson Taylor’s life and testimony. 


This month, Rev. James Hudson Taylor IV has recorded a short video about the legacy Hudson Taylor left behind. 

The learnings are summed up below. 

  1. Passion for the lost
    His passion for the unsaved Chinese people led him to dedicate his life to missions.
  2. Abiding in Christ
    Only as Hudson abided in Christ was he fruitful in God’s hands.
  3. Trusting and obeying
    Having faith means to both trust and be obedient to God.
  4.  Embracing the cost of discipleship
    For the gospel, both Hudson and Maria Taylor laid down their lives in China.
  5. Surrendering all
    As we receive God, we are given a mission: to live our lives for Him.

As we pause and reflect on these points, may we be encouraged but also challenge to press on in greater service to the Lord.

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