The Necessary Power of Prayer

The journey to create and produce a film is long, with many complicated decisions and unknowns along the way. While there has been moments of uncertainty over the years, we have always been certain in the power of prayer. 


Prayer, in many different forms, has been the backbone of this project. Prayer has taken place independently, corporately, in different parts of the world, and among various groups and backgrounds. Throughout, the goal has been the same, brothers and sisters interceding towards the goal of seeing the Hudson Taylor film be an instrument to inspire missional discipleship.


To date, we have mobilized a group of prayer ambassadors who host meetings within their own circles of influence. Members of HCM may occasionally join with updates but in general, we are simply equipping these ambassadors with guidelines, updates, and they can host as they see fit. As prayer can happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, we want to encourage that prayer for this project take place in a way that best suits the context of those praying. 


Will you become a prayer ambassador for the Hudson Taylor movie project?


We invite you to join Half Crown Media in interceding for our mission to bring this inspirational testimony to life through film. As an ambassador, you can support us through prayer, in sharing the project with more who are interested, and inviting others to pray along as well. 


Prayer for this project is both important and urgent. There is a timeliness to this project so whether in giving, praying, or other means of support, this is the season of action.


If you are interested to become a prayer ambassador, please connect with us through our website or email us directly at



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