PRAYER DAY and Live Meeting February 28/29

We invite you to pray on your own, with friends and family, or join us online at one of our two virtual meeting times below.

Virtual Meeting Option 1 is on Wednesday February 28th at 8 AM Pacific Time, 9 AM Mountain Time, 10 AM Central Time and 11 AM Eastern Time in the Americas. In Europe and Africa, that’s 4 PM London Time, 5 PM Zürich Time and 6 PM Cape Town Time.

Virtual Meeting Option 2 is Wednesday February 28th at 5 PM Pacific Time, 6 PM Mountain Time, 7 PM Central Time, and 8 PM Eastern Time in the Americas. This is Thursday February 29th at 9 AM Singapore Time, 10 AM Tokyo Time, 12 PM Sydney Time, and 2 PM Auckland Time.

Here’s the Link to join the meeting at either time:

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