The Provision Did Not Stop There…

It has been a long journey of faith for the HUDSON TAYLOR movie project to reach where it is today. Our development has faced many challenges. But having finally cleared the great hurdle of writing a script, we can gladly rejoice and say that we have moved from the realm of the impossible to the realm of the difficult. There is still much to do, and many resources needed to do it. But our needs are not only financial.


The ultimate goal of the HUDSON TAYLOR movie project is to see a missional discipleship movement born through storytelling. We believe that the Hudson Taylor story can—bolstered by the collaboration and support of believers—ignite a flame for Christ in the hearts of many, young and old alike. Our vision is to see Hudson Taylor’s spirit for mission reborn today in the next generation. But this vision cannot be accomplished without the significant and God-driven support of churches and believers today.


Thus, on the 23rd and 24th of May 2022, we invited over 1,200 church leaders from a certain Asian country to join us online and hear our vision for the HUDSON TAYLOR movie project. Both nights, participants left filled with awe and excitement over the future of this great endeavour.


Last month, we recounted the sharings from Rev. James Hudson Taylor IV, who led a devotion about seeing and responding to God’s glory, and Dr. Patrick Fung, who invited us to join hands in passing on the spirit of service to the next generation. This month, we will share what we heard from the remaining two speakers: Dr. Jennie Fung and a well-respected local church leader.

Dr. Jennie Fung discussed the vision for the project, and its development thus far. She explained that God led OMF International to begin working on the HUDSON TAYLOR movie project to share the story of how God used Taylor’s life, the life of an ordinary man, to bless many. She also shared how challenging it had been to adapt this story onto the big screen, with countless scripts worked on but none being able to tell Taylor’s story satisfactorily. But God did not abandon the project–in 2020, He finally delivered a script that could meet the project’s needs, and the provision did not stop there. God also brought Aaron Burns, an experienced and capable producer to join the project, who has already helped to focus the story and development process. Dr. Fung also shared a timeline for the project: trusting that God will deliver the necessary funds by mid-2023, then the movie is aimed to release in 2025. However, this will not be the end-point of the HUDSON TAYLOR movie project, as we hope to form a network of churches that can link with and provide community and discipleship to viewers of the movie, young or old, experienced believers or newcomers to Christ. 


Finally, we heard from a prominent local church leader, who discussed the importance and value of God’s work in the HUDSON TAYLOR movie project. This leader recounted how, in their last thirty years of working in the local church, they had observed Hudson Taylor’s biography having a major impact on the local church’s development. They explained that it wasn’t the book itself, but rather Taylor’s story–the story of an ordinary life surrendered to God for His work–that was hugely inspirational, and brought many people to the church and to the faith. Books were merely the best way to share that story at that time. This church leader then shared how, in a new time, with new norms and cultures, we need new tools to share this story. Telling this story as a film, which can be distributed through the internet, screened in theatres, and distributed elsewhere, can help to continue the impact of Taylor’s story that they had observed over the last thirty years. Lastly, they emphasised the need for action and initiative in supporting this work, as a response to the way Hudson Taylor’s legacy has already blessed and enriched the local church. They said that this is the time for the local church to bless others, as they themselves had been blessed by Taylor so long ago.


God was worked in each of our lives, and blessed us in unique ways. In what ways has He blessed you, and how might He be calling you to bless others as well?

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