Our Hudson Tales

How have you been personally impacted by Hudson Taylor? Some Half Crown Media staff and Board members respond to this question.

Director of Partnerships and Development Ken Haron remembers being impacted by a chart Taylor presented in his book China’s Spiritual Needs and Claims:

Ken was deeply moved when he considered how the task of bringing the gospel to China was so impossible and overwhelming, yet Taylor did not shrink from this. Ken also pointed out that Taylor presented concrete, real data to show the extent of practical needs when encouraging people to share God’s love – “as should we today”!

As a non-Christian student in Australia, CEO Soo Loh was intrigued when she first learned of the person of Hudson Taylor. This eventually led to turning her life to Christ and desiring to serve God all her life. Taylor’s life also challenged Soo to consider why as an ethnic Chinese, she did not feel a love for her own people the way Taylor loved China and the Chinese.

Some others have been inspired by how Hudson Taylor related to God. What stood out for Director of Finance Wichai Tumtaweetikul was Taylor’s obedience and faithfulness to God in the face of physical danger. Although Taylor was told he would not be under the protection of the British authorities in the inland, he chose to heed God and not man to bring the gospel deep into China. “Taylor’s actions were radical, like Jesus.”

Board Chair Dr. Jennie Fung quotes Taylor: “I besought Him to give me some work for Him, as an outlet for love and gratitude; some self-denying service, no matter what it might be, however trying or however trivial.” When she first read this, Jennie was deeply moved by Taylor’s attitude. “This is a response of love and gratitude and it is God’s rightful authority to decide how best we serve Him.”

In a similar vein, Board member Scott Hurd was moved by Taylor’s conviction that through prayer alone God would provide all that was needed for His work to be done in His way. Scott remembers that Taylor’s trust in God’s provision impacted him and his wife Beth years ago when they were considering if God would have them serve in mission work overseas. Scott says, “We can today testify to that truth about prayer…God has generously provided for us in consistent, delightful, and unexpected ways!”

What about you, friends? How has God used Hudson Taylor to touch your life? Perhaps you could share your Hudson Taylor story with a friend. It might just be the thing that encourages them today.

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