HUDSON Taylor Movie Production Fund

$2,943,217 of $7 Million Raised*

*Total project funding of $14 million dollars includes $7 million to begin production,
and then $7 million for global promotion and distribution of the movie.



Prayer Focus

Learn about the dates and times we will meet to pray together for the needs of the Hudson Taylor film project.

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Still Inspired

In the last few years, we encountered stories of people impacted by Hudson Taylor’s example, whose lives — and those of their families— were thus transformed. Here at Half Crown Media, we hope the cinematic retelling of Hudson Taylor’s life in our project would similarly inspire today’s youths and their next generations to lives of faith. One such story comes from Elizabeth Jones: “In 1894, my grandmother, Mercy Anna Wood (‘Anna’) was 24 when she moved from Iowa to Toronto to attend Bible college after hearing Hudson Taylor speak of China’s mission needs.

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Counting the Cost

Some of you have asked us, “What goes into our USD $7 million Hudson Taylor movie production budget?” Just as Jesus invited people to count the cost before following Him (Luke 14), so we have counted the cost by way of a concrete, specific production budget, based on the approved

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Our Hudson Tales

How have you been personally impacted by Hudson Taylor? Some Half Crown Media staff and Board members respond to this question. Director of Partnerships and Development Ken Haron remembers being impacted by a chart Taylor presented in his book China’s Spiritual Needs and Claims: Ken was deeply moved when he

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