HUDSON Taylor Movie Production Fund

$2,943,217 of $7 Million Raised*

*Total project funding of $14 million dollars includes $7 million to begin production,
and then $7 million for global promotion and distribution of the movie.



Prayer Focus

Learn about the dates and times we will meet to pray together for the needs of the Hudson Taylor film project.

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Ordinary Man for Extraordinary Things

Elijah was a human being, even as we are.  James 5:17 God delights in using ordinary people to display His glory. As ordinary people like Elijah and Hudson Taylor yielded themselves fully to God, He will accomplish extraordinary things. All glory to Him. With the help of two colleagues in

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Executive Producer Interview: Tim O’Hair

Tim O’Hair:  “Historical movies give us the chance to go into another time and place . . . where you are immersed in a world that seems to come alive, that we’ve only known or experienced between the pages in books.  So when you see things that are historical photos

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When will the movie be released?

This was the most frequently-asked question at the recent Missions Fest Vancouver.   I would reply, “God-willing it will be released in 2025 Spring. Currently, more than a million dollars (USD) have been donated for the movie production, but it will require additional millions in the next five months to do

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